Papertrey: organize your documents quickly

I’m currently working on a new project named Papertrey. It’s a desktop application that helps you organize your documents quickly. For now, it only works on Windows, but a macOS version is planned.

If you’re like me, you probably:

  1. scan every paper that you receive in the mail,
  2. save every document that you receive by email,
  3. download every report from your bank and other institutions.

In this case, you know how painful it is to rename and move each document to the right place. This is where Papertrey comes into play: it provides a good user interface to organize your documents.

The current version of Papertrey (0.1) only allows renaming files, but you’ll see that this feature alone helps you save a lot of time. The next version should allow moving documents too. In the future, Papertrey should be able to split/join documents, rotate page and perform OCR.

Papertrey is free, but not open source. The core features will remain free forever; but it’s possible that some advanced features will be paid options, I don’t know yet.

Please download and try Papertrey on