Office pranks in my company

I’ve been working in the same company for 8 years. We have a long tradition of practical jokes and office pranks. Here are a few examples.

Full disclosure: I helped for some of them :-)

Paper and bubble wrap (2005)

Paper and bubble wrap

Olivier’s desk. Quite a common office prank: everything is carefully wrap, ready for shipping.

Cardboards (2006)


Alix’s office. She was on vacation during the moving. All empty cardboards were dumped in her office, she could barely open the door.

Packing peanuts (2008)

Packing peanuts

Steve’s desk. The space was delimited with cutted cardboard… then filled with packing peanuts.

Spiderman’s office (2008)

Spiderman's office

Benjamin’s desk. A few adhesive backed mounting bases on the walls and a lot of thread.

Desk translation… outwards (2008)

Desk translation... outwards

Aur├®lien’s desk. The desk has been perfectly translated outward. This is a real performance since he was here, just not in his office for a few minutes.

Stretch wrap (2011)

Stretch wrap

Marie’s desk. Classic prank: everything is tightly wrapped with film.

Balloons (2012)


Ang├®lique’s office. The office is full of balloons, from the floor to the ceilling. Bonus: each balloon contains confettis.