[Links] Superstar programmers

1. Jon Skeet Facts

You know Chuck Norris and the “Chuck Norris Facts” ? Programmers and especially the C# community have the “Jon Skeet Facts”. Enjoy :-)


My favourites:

Jon Skeet can divide by zero.

When Jon Skeet’s code fails to compile the compiler apologises.

Jon Skeet does not use revision control software. None of his code has ever needed revision.

2. The 10x developer is NOT a myth

You can find a lot of articles on the internet claiming that the “10x developper” doesn’t exists. Here is one that prove it’s not a myth:


10 average programmers will make “average” quality decisions at each step and the costs or benefits of these decisions will multiply.

Would you rather have 10 average scientists or 1 Isaac Newton?

3. Ten times more selective

Here is a very clever analysis of the so called “10x developpers”:


People often assume that 10x more productivity results from 10x more aptitude or 10x more knowledge. I don’t think so. Now I’m not saying aptitude and knowledge don’t help. But what I’ve noticed over the years is that the number one factor is 10x more selectivity. The trick is to consistently avoid shit work.

4. The myth of the rockstar programmer

Scott Hanselman doesn’t beleive in “rockstar programmers”:


Interesting quote:

Junior Engineer - Creates complex solutions to simple problems.

Engineer - Creates simple solutions to simple problems.

Senior Engineer - Creates simple solutions to complex problems.

Rockstar Engineer - Makes complex problems disappear.

5. You Can’t JavaScript Under Pressure

So, you think you’re a rockstar. Test your skill in JavaScript with a clock ticking:


6 minutes, 12 seconds for all 5 levels. Well done!