Top 5 tools of 2015

For my last article of the year, I want to present 5 tools that, I think, deserve more attention

1. MobaXterm

To make is very simple MobaXterm is a SSH client on steroids.


If you’re still using PuTTY, please stop immediately and download MobaXterm now!

2. Clang-format

Clang-format is a tool that automatically indent and format C++ source code.


Say good-bye to manual formatting and long standing debate about the position of braces.

3. Vagrant

Vagrant is a command line tool to spawn virtual machine.


I can’t even remember when was the last time I opened the VirtualBox GUI.

4. git merge --squash

With the --squash flag, Git merges a branch as if it was only one commit.

This means that you loose the history of changes inside the branch, which is usually a good thing because it cleans up all the research for the final working solution.

Changelog with squashed branches

As a side effect, you get an history of the master branch that is so clear that you could use it a changelog.

Too bad it’s not possible to squash-merge from the GitHub GUI.

UPDATE 2016-04-04: It’s now integrated in GitHub!

5. ScreenPresso

ScreenPresso is a screen capturing tool. It allows you to add annotations and draw arrow on the picture.


It’s very handy for bug report.

Bonus: SublimeText

Not really a new tool, but I’ve been using it every day of 2015.

In particular, I recommend the following plugins:

Happy New Year 2016!