How the ArduinoJson logo was made

ArduinoJson, my popular JSON library for embedded systems, finally has its logo!

This article describes how the logo was created.

ArduinoJson logo

Finding a designer

To design this logo, I used Fiverr, which is a website that allows creatives to offer their service for a reasonable amount of money.

In this case, the logo was designed by the user bcendet.

I chose him because:

  1. I liked the logos in his portfolio.
  2. He offered a package of 2 logos for $30.
  3. He offered an unlimited number of revisions.

The creation process

Here is how it happened:

  1. I contacted bcendet, explaining what I wanted.
  2. He accepted the challenge.
  3. I placed the order on fiverr.
  4. He sent the first design.
  5. I asked for revisions until the result was good.

This picture sums up the complete conversation between us:

Conversation with the designer

As you can see, my instructions were to create a logo inspired by the logos of Arduino and JSON. In total, six versions of this logo were made, plus another logo that I discard from the beginning. Each time I asked for a new revision I tried to be very specific; using attached pictures to spot the defects.

In the end, the contract is respected:

  1. The logo looks nice.
  2. It clearly references the Arduino Community logo.
  3. It contains a subtle reference to the JSON logo.

In brief, I’m really satisfied with the result.

What I’ve learned

This was the first time I used a service like Fiverr. Here is what I’ve learned:

  1. Fiverr is a good place to create a design for cheap.
  2. When you buy a package with several logos, it means you can choose between several designs, but you still get only one logo in the end.
  3. Don’t hesitate to ask for a revision of the logo. After all, he decided to offer unlimited revisions.
  4. It took more revisions than I thought because the logo had many imperfections. I assume that the designer didn’t want to spend a lot of time polishing the logo if that’s not what I wanted.
  5. Each revision takes roughly 24 hours, so you need not be in a hurry.


Next time I need a logo for this kind of project, I’ll probably use Fiverr again. However, for a professional project, I’d probably spend more money and use 99designs or Design Crowd where designers compete to win the project.

A great thank to the generous donators who ultimately paid for this logo ­ƒæì. I hope you like the result!

You can now see the logo on the GitHub project page and on the ArduinoJson website.