[Links] Various topics

1. Why you shouldn't interrupt a programmer

Very funny cartoon, perfectly showing what we live every day:

2. How to explain a layperson why a developer should not be interrupted?

On the same topic, see that thread on /*programmers*/

My personnal favorite quotes:

Have them start from 0 and count to a very large number, mid way through yell look! squirrel!

How long does it take for you to fall asleep? Now imagine that when you are close to falling asleep, someone walks in and interrupts you, how long will it take you to fall asleep now?

3. Toyota's killer firmware: Bad design and its consequences

We're all using bad code without even knowing it.
This time it's a bug in the Toyota Camry that caused unintended acceleration and eventually killed someone.

4. Million lines of code

A fascinating infographic comparing the code base sizes of famous applications.

5. Video interview of Eric Lippert

A very long but also very pleasant video interview of Eric Lippert.

Here are some unfairly selected quotes ;-)

[9:10] I'm actually not that great a programmer as far as things like using the base class libraries go... I don't understand how WPF or XAML or any of these things work...

[45:43] JavaScript was designed to make the monkey dance when you move the mouse over it on the web page. That's all it was designed for.